Grieving during the Pandemic

Photo by Nathan Cowley on We are facing multiple losses. Many of us are struggling to make sense of it all. As we continue to practice social distancing, we may also be grieving for a variety of reasons. Weddings have been put on hold. Graduations ceremonies are moved online. Job security has disappeared. And … Continue reading Grieving during the Pandemic

Services Offered

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on In addition to offering in-person & remote hypnotherapy sessions, I also offer personalized hypnosis recordings. Many clients benefit from utilizing these recordings on a daily basis. It is an easy and relaxing way to re-enforce the changes that you want to incorporate into your life! Please note that I … Continue reading Services Offered

Feeling overwhelmed?

Photo by cottonbro on Social distancing has become our new "normal." Along with adapting to our current situation, many people are now experiencing anxiety, insomnia and depression. If you already struggled with these things prior to the pandemic, you may find that your symptoms have been exacerbated. Perhaps your chronic pain is at an … Continue reading Feeling overwhelmed?

Hypnotherapy on a limited budget

sunset at Charlotte Beach, Rochester, NY 6/2020 Hypnotherapy/Hypnosis services are not covered by insurance. Prices vary. If finances are a concern, I offer a sliding scale, discounted rate based on income and household size. I also participant in The Healing Path Collective. Please contact me to discuss your goals and we can determine a plan … Continue reading Hypnotherapy on a limited budget

Coronavirus: Social Distancing

If you already struggle with depression or anxiety, this pandemic may be hitting you especially hard. For most of us, life has been put on hold. Work, school, and home life has been dramatically altered. On top of feeling isolated, many of us are facing difficult financial decisions. Some of us are dealing with these … Continue reading Coronavirus: Social Distancing


Photo by Ron Lach on "Sara has been a lifesaver to me. When I found her I had been suffering from chronic pain for over 6 months. I had seen countless doctors and specialists and had tried multiple medications but nothing helped. After just the first visit with Sara I began to feel better. … Continue reading Reviews

Bilateral Stimulation

Many people are turning towards the use of Bilateral Simulation to decrease anxiety, improve focus and sleep, or even to eliminate irritability. Within a few minutes of trying them in my office, several clients have experienced a dramatic decrease in anxiety. Sharing similar principles found in EMRD, I use Bilateral Stimulation in some hypnosis sessions, … Continue reading Bilateral Stimulation

Trauma and it’s role in chronic pain

Trauma changes our brains. It often pushes us into a fight or flight mode, which can not only affect our mental health, it can manifest itself by creating chronic pain. Pain is generated in the brain. Since our brains can be re-trained (neuroplasticity) we have the power to decrease our pain. Let me show you … Continue reading Trauma and it’s role in chronic pain