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“Sara has been a lifesaver to me. When I found her I had been suffering from chronic pain for over 6 months. I had seen countless doctors and specialists and had tried multiple medications but nothing helped. After just the first visit with Sara I began to feel better. She was patient and kind and introduced me to the idea of TMS. I continued to work with Sara for several months where she educated me on various mindfulness and relaxation techniques and guided me through productive hypnosis sessions. I am in a much better place now and I owe that to the work I have done with Sara. She has given me a toolbox of techniques that I can use for the rest of my life!-L”

“Several months ago, I began a search for a cognitive behavioral therapist in hopes of addressing my fibromyalgia/chronic pain. As I searched, I came across Sara Moore’s bio where she talked about her personal experience with chronic pain. For that reason, I decided to call her and make an appointment. That has turned out to be one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! Sara offers so much to her clients from her incredibly kind and sincere demeanor to her never-ending pursuit to learn about the latest modalities of treatment that could be helpful. We have done hypnosis, talk therapy and she has educated me about the vagus nerve and methods to calm my nervous system. Sara is the kind of therapist that just “gets it”. You can say very little and she intuitively understands. Sara has been very effective at guiding me to important discoveries about myself. I’ve learned a lot and am much happier and healthier now than I was several months ago. She is a true treasure and I am so grateful to having her on my healing journey! I strongly recommend her to anyone looking to better their lives!” -C

“I’ve had trouble sleeping for twenty years. HypnoHelp/Sara helped me integrate mindfulness and relaxation techniques into my daily sleep routine and it’s made a huge difference. Sara worked with me to determine what techniques worked and which didn’t and delivered great audio recordings tailored to my needs to help me relax and fall asleep. Definite improvement in my quality of life. I was skeptical at first of hypnotherapy, so get over the name and get into the tools and practices. They really help, and Sara is accommodating and concerned for her patients.” -T

“Sara has been so great helping through some very difficult circumstances.  I have tried to work with other Therapists in the past and never felt comfortable. She always takes the time to really get to know you so that she understands you and how to help guide you through the issues you are experiencing”. -A

A new client texted me yesterday and I was so excited to hear of the positive changes she’s already noticed! With her permission, I wanted to share her triumph with you.

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