“It actually works!”

I recently had a client arrive at my office with a big smile on her face. When I asked her how things were going, she excitedly reported that her physical pain was continuing to decrease. She chuckled and commented about how surprised she was that hypnosis “actually worked!” She went on to tell me that she found herself feeling better and even smiling more. Her husband was noticing the changes in her, and she was able to use some of her new skills to continue to transform herself.

Our brains and bodies are amazing, and capable of so much more than we may realize! Since we only utilize 5-10% of our conscious mind, there’s a ton of changes that can take place by tapping into our subconscious!

Clinical hypnosis can help by directing new and healthier messages to our subconscious mind. We can re-train our brains, actually changing our neuropathways!

So, if you’re interested in trying something new that could help you transform, contact me. I’m happy to answer any questions that you may have about clinical hypnotherapy.

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