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HypnoHelp Services & Psychiatric Wellness Group

What if?

What if you could…

Take back control of your life?…

Turn your biggest challenge into your greatest catalyst for change?…

Feel better?

Good news:YOu can!

why now?

If you’ve found my website, you are likely looking to feel better.  By the time most of my clients meet with me, they are desperate for relief.  Many had tried multiple treatments, and are ready for something “outside of the box” and new.  That’s why I love hypnotherapy!  Hypnotherapy takes talk therapy a step further!

let’s find out how you can achieve your goals!

I’m now collaborating with Psychiatric Wellness Group & Dr. Douglas Landy. I have openings Wednesday-Friday in my new Penfield location.

Offering hypnotherapy and counseling to help you make the changes you desire, on a subconscious level!

My focus is on psychoeducation, facilitating emotional detox, safely reprocessing trauma and retraining the brain & nervous system to promote wellness. I utilize a strength’s based, solution focused, biopsychosocial method of practice. Specializing in chronic pain, trauma, & anxiety. 

I also facilitate an online monthly support group for chronic pain, anxiety, and invisible illnesses.

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HypnoHelp Services

I am now offering in-person sessions Wednesdays- Fridays

Currently there are also openings in the monthly online support group for chronic pain. 

We meet monthly. Since the group is small the dates are flexible. Contact me.

FREE  consultations are available via phone. If you are interested in finding out how hypnosis can help you, let’s touch base and see if we are compatible for working together. Please email, text or call me at 585-317-0241 or

what’s next?

During your initial session, we will spend time obtaining background information, define your goals for treatment, and (if you are comfortable) doing some hypnosis. Please note that I do have some clients who prefer just talk-based therapy as well. I am here to assist you in whatever method works best for you.


After working as a licensed social worker throughout Rochester for over 19 years, I decided to open a small private practice as Certified Hypnotherapist.  My own battle with over 20 years of chronic pain left me feeling desperate for relief. After finding such relief through hypnosis, I decided to change paths so that I can help others who are struggling with chronic pain.  I’ve completed additional training through the Psychophysiological Disorder Association, as well as Hypnotherapy for trauma.

I specialize in chronic pain (TMS/PPD) mind body disorder/illness, trauma and anxiety and utilize a Strength’s- Based, Biopsychosocial & Spiritual model of  practice.

HypnoHelp Services offers clients a variety of options to improve their well being.

If you have sought help from multiple medical professionals and have been told that there is nothing wrong, or that you “just have to learn to live with the pain,” you’ve come to the right place!

  Here are some of the many issues that Hypnosis can help with:

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Anxiety…..     Depression …..   Emotional Detox… Insomnia  …..   Skin Picking…..     Hair Pulling…..     Trauma…..     Pain…..     Writer’s Block …..    Smoking Cessation…..     Stress…..     Grief …..    Phobias … Chemical sensitivities… and many more!

Contact me for more information.

Online Support group for invisible illness, anxiety & chronic pain

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This online support group is for individuals struggling with chronic pain, anxiety or other invisible illness.

We meet one evening per month to focus on mindfulness,  pain reprocessing and brain re-training techniques.  Meetings include education, emotional support, expressive writing, visualization and nervous system/vagus nerve reset and improvisation.

$40 per group

I’ve had trouble sleeping for twenty years. HypnoHelp/Sara helped me integrate mindfulness and relaxation techniques into my daily sleep routine and it’s made a huge difference. Sara worked with me to determine what techniques worked and which didn’t and delivered great audio recordings tailored to my needs to help me relax and fall asleep. Definite improvement in my quality of life.

I was skeptical at first of hypnotherapy, so get over the name and get into the tools and practices. They really help, and Sara is accommodating and concerned for her patients.


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