My entire life was wrapped around my chronic pain.

At the age of 23, I was finally diagnosed with chronic migraine. Over the years my daily pain continued to get worse. My list of diagnoses grew.

I went from working full time, to staying home on social security disability. My pain was so out of control that I contemplated suicide on several occasions. I forgot what it was like to live without constant pain. Pain defined me. It consumed me.

But-that’s not the end of my story! Less than one year ago-I turned my life around. Trust me, it took a LOT of dilligence and hard work! I still have setbacks and bad days, but I also finally have something else that I didn’t have before; something that I had lost along the way.

I have hope.

Let me share that hope with you. Let’s figure this out together.

If you suffer from chronic pain, check out

The interventions that this app teaches has helped me change my life!

-Sara D. Moore, LMSW, CH

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