Services Offered

In addition to offering Individual Hypnotherapy sessions, I also offer personalized hypnosis recordings. Many clients benefit from utilizing these recordings on a daily basis. It is an easy and relaxing way to re-enforce the changes that you want to incorporate into your life!

Please note that I am unable to accept insurance. If you are on a limited income, have had a job loss, or are a student, I do offer sliding scale/discounted rates. Click below for more information.

New!  Virtual Reality Exploring & Improving Mental Health ( using THERA) prices vary

I am so excited to now offer also offer virtual reality sessions!

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Offering sessions for a wide variety of issues including:

Age Regression/Trauma Work Chronic pain Insomnia

Anxiety Relief Specific Phobias Nervous System Reset

Skin Picking/Misophonia Scripted Audio Recordings

Personalized Audio Recordings Talk-Based non-hypnosis mental health support

Contact me at anytime with questions, or to book an appointment. 585-317-0241 or

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