Post Pandemic Paranoia?

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Maybe paranoia is too strong of a word. As we continue to emerge from the seclusion of the past 15 months, many of us may be feeling a bit tender.

Navigating a post pandemic world, can feel overwhelming. For those of us who struggle with anxiety or depression, we may be facing a new challenge: FEAR.

Fear can manifest in a variety of ways. The range may go from full blown paranoia, panic attacks and difficulty functioning in every day life, to ruminating thoughts, compulsive behaviors, increased anxiety and insomnia.

If you struggling with persistent and chronic pain, you may find yourself in a constant state of “fight, flight, freeze” mode. This can result in increased negative symptoms.

Hypnosis is a great way to shift from “fight, flight, freeze” mode to “rest-repair-digest” mode. When we bypass the analytical, rational, conscious part of our brain, we can begin to re-wire our subconscious mind to accept messages of safety. When our nervous system feels safe, our symptoms (pain, insomnia, anxiety) can decrease.

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HypnoHelp: Making changes on a subconscious level.

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HypnoHelp Services was on Connections With Evan Dawson. To listen to the podcast, click on the link below.

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