Don’t let hypnosis scare you off!

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3 years ago, I knew very little about hypnosis. To me, hypnosis was some creepy old guy making people bawk like a chicken! The idea of hypnosis scared and baffled me. Then one day out of desperation, I made an appointment with a hypnotist friend of mine. I experienced such an improvement in my pain, that I knew I had to learn more! Now, several certifications later, I’ve created a small private practice. My goal is to offer Hypnotherapy to help decrease and alleviate suffering, and to help other’s in reaching their true potential. Over the past 18 years of working as a Licensed Social Worker, I’ve worked with a wide variety of people, and have been honored to help them along their journeys. We are living in unprecedented times. Anxiety and depression is at an all time high. Sometimes we all need a little extra support. Please feel free to reach out to me, if I can help in any way. Have a specific question about hypnosis or my practice? Please comment below!

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