Easy Self-Hypnosis

Recently, I was asked to simplify self-hypnosis. Reading about how to do it can seem complicated. Here is an easy way to try self-hypnosis before you go to sleep tonight.Give it a try and let me know how you feel!

1) Take 3 deep belly breathes, filling your belly with the air as your breathe in. Exhale VERY slowly.

2) Close your eyes and imagine you are looking up towards your forehead (rolling your eyes up) This gives your brain a burst of alpha waves, calming down your nervous system.

3) Imagine, see, sense or feel that you are back re-living a wonderful, positive memory. A happy time in your life when you felt safe and at peace.(Perhaps a time as a child, a special life event, or a place you went on vacation.) When you find yourself imagining that you are back there, take another deep breath in and imagine, see, feel or sense that your entire body begins to fill up with all of those wonderful feelings associated with that memory.

4) Drift off to sleep, feeling more peaceful and relaxed.

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