Coronavirus: Social Distancing

If you already struggle with depression or anxiety, this pandemic may be hitting you especially hard. For most of us, life has been put on hold. Work, school, and home life has been dramatically altered. On top of feeling isolated, many of us are facing difficult financial decisions.

Some of us are dealing with these trying times by obsessively watching the news. (Others may resort to hoarding toilet paper and hand sanitizer.) No matter how many extra cans of soup and bottled water you may have, this is still a very stressful time.

Mental health services don’t have to be something you also put on hold during this outbreak. So, whether you are a current client, or someone considering hypnotherapy, I’m here for you. I will be offering “virtual” sessions, scheduled at your convenience. Discount rates available as well as FREE phone consultations. Contact me at 585-317-0241, or

We are all in this together.

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